Aero Club Como
Associazione sportiva dilettantistica
federata all'Aero Club d'Italia e al CONI
Via Masia 44
20100 Como ITALY
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The Club


The Aero Club Como, founded on the 6th April 1930 is an amateur sporting club that runs without making profit. It has legal status and is federated to the Aero Club of Italy and thus to CONI (the Olympic Commitee), as well as to other various associations in the civil aviation field.
A statute modelled for clubs federated to the Aero Club Italy governs the club's status and activity. The contents of the statute includes several activities, with the main one being for the flight school the and for maintenance of the structure that makes seaplanes available to the club members as well as the promotion of aeronautical and flight culture.
Such activities are, in the case of the Aero Club Como, very special as it is the only club in Italy that operates with seaplanes, and furthermore it is the sole source of this type technology, operation, administration and related legislation.
The club is entitled to Giuseppe Ghislanzoni, a Como pilot who died in World War 1.


Flight lesson.

The flight school

The flight school managed by the club is qualified according to European regulations, and is at a European level of standards. No similar structure exists in Europe. From a quantitative point of view, the training structure is the second most important in the world, and holds two records, the 1st one being that it is the oldest in the world, and the second being that is the only training facility for seaplanes, be it either for those on floats or with a central hull.





Operator of the international water aerodrome
The Aero Club Como manages on behalf of the ministry, the international water aerodrome of Como, and also performs the role of collecting airport taxes for the ministry. The Aero Club Como, as operator of the aerodrome and base, offers various types of services to based as well as to visiting aircraft.


Proprietor of a certified maintenance workshop
The club is the proprietor of a maintenance workshop, certified as a CAMO by ENAC-RAI, in accordance with European regulations. 


Part of the civil protection service
The Aero Club Como is part of the regional registry of volunteers for the civil protection service, and has relations at various levels with the regional administration, and the many communities on the water's of the lakes.


For the promotion of the region
One of the services most frequently offered to local administration by the club, is to take special guests on flight tours around the region. In general everyone who the club takes on a flight, falls in love with the region and the beauty of the scenery, these people then go on to tell of the area as they return to their home, or country, thus creating publicity and marketing for Como.


The club as part of international organisations
The club takes part in the activities and social life of various organisations, such as the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Organization),  that takes care of the interests of pilots in the USA and worldwide; also the club belong to the  AOPA Italia, that performs the same function in Italy. The SPA (Seaplane Pilots Association) is an organisation that reunited pilots of seaplanes all over the world. The club also is a member of other associations for owners or pilots of specific aircraft, for example Lake, the L-19 “Birddog”, the Piper PA 18 “Super Cub” and the Republic Seabee.


Ground infrastructure of the seaplane base.


As means of infrastructure on land, the club has the hangar, relevant airport structures (amongst which include the apron and slipway), a separate building housing the guest rooms and documentation centre. At the current time, the club is in negotiations with the local council of Como for the acquisition of the building situated behind the hangar, in which the club intend to create a seaplane museum in collaboration with the museum of science and technology of Milan. It will serve as not only an interest for pilots and aviation enthusiasts, but also for all visitors of the region.

The Statute
The club is a democratic structure that is organised by and elected board of directors every 4 years, voted for by members of an assembly. The statute foresees that the members of the director's board should operate strictly as volunteers, without any direct or indirect compensation. Contingent Members with which the club have economical relations can participate in the assembly, as long as such members would not find themselves in a conflict of interests.


During of a members dinner.

Social life

There are moments in the year that have a special significance, as well as official dates and assemblies. The most important is the Festa della Madonna di Loreto, protector of aviators; The club celebrates this with a members dinner, during which new members are officially welcomed. The most informal and fun event is the BBQ in the hangar held on the longest day of summer.



In conclusion, the Aero Club Como is an important point of reference for seaplane flight, not only on our continent, but also for the entire community of pilots worldwide.



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