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Seaplanes for the advertising industry


The aero club possesses the most extensive and varied fleet in Europe, and operates in a very interesting area: Lake Como.
The fleet consists of all the modern types of seaplanes and even some historic models, from the 30's, 40's and 50's. All of which is available for producers and companies that would like to include a seaplanes in the images or video of their own publicity.



A seaplane for Amaro Montenegro





A seaplane for Mercedes        




George Clooney with a few members of the Aero Club Como staff at the end of the shootings.





For information, contact the secretary:

+39 031 574495




Fascinating machines that operate in the most interesting environments

on the planet, used for promoting products and company image


Seaplanes at the heart of civilzation and in remote areas.
On the left,in Vencice and in Antibes. On the right, on a small beach
on Lake Como and in a wild area of the Balkans..

A seaplane can operate wherever that there is a usable water surface of a few hundred metres, be it at sea, on a lake, on a river, on manmade basins, in the centre of large historic cities (such as in the Amazon), in the most extravagant destinations of the international jet set (such as villages in Bangladesh), also in ports, on luxurious yachts, on pacific atolls or even amongst the icebergs of Norway or Alaska.

The fact of being a means capable of operating in the toughest and wildest environments has meant that many famous pilots have adopted them as their aircraft of preference, when carrying out extreme adventures.  Camel, for its advert in the 80's was the 1st to use seaplanes in the wilderness, to convey an image of rugged, tough masculinity.

As well as being a very versatile means on water, it is also the safest form of flying in the sector of pleasure flights, serving many wealthy people, who regularly use jets and helicopters for work purposes, but use the seaplanes for enjoyment.
Consequently, the public sees seaplanes as an object and service of luxury, but also as a useful tool when combining adventure and aviation.

Some yachts have on board, as well
as a helicopter, a Seaplane.

Finally, a seaplane is a complex object, with a curious shape and form, but generates an infinite amount of interest, making it an excellent compliment or background for fashion shoots, or as a setting for promoting new products.

There are not many seaplanes in Europe; therefore understandably the Aero Club Como often receives requests to make some of the planes available for companies to make adverts, hold fashion shoots, also requesting the use of the hangar or jetties.

A nice advertisement in natural surroundings has been realized for the footwear brand Hogan, with the Piper. A suitable location was researched all over the Alps until it was found on Lake Predil, on the border with Slovenia.
Another example was for the Mercedes advert that tells the story of a very beautiful female pilot as she crosses the Alps, while a man takes the same route in a Mercedes, both eventually meet in Cernobbio showing a picturesque shot as the Piper descends against the pine trees onto the lake.
    To advertise the German make Aigner, a grey and wild day was desired for a shoot with a beautiful model. A suitable location was found on lake Piona, fashion shots were also taken for Carrera.


The Piper on Lake Predil, for the filming for Tod's.  On the right, for the Mercedes advert.

Again in a wilderness environment, was the advert of Amaro Montenegro, in a deserted cove on the island or Sardinia. The operation was logistically challenging, having to transfer the Cessna 172, painted red to the deep south of the island.
Formentura has also acted as the backdrop for some shoots, of which the Lake was the main character for the fashion brand Baci & Abbracci.


On the left, Seaplanes and models for Carrera. On the right, shooting for Aigner.




The set for a fashion shoot on a beach and on one of the seaplane base jetties.
Pages of a clothing catalogue.




A shoot on the club's apron.
Click on the image to view the spot of Amaro Montenegro, made with a Cessna 172 painted in red for the occasion. The spot has been broadcasted on all national Italian televisions from 2005 to 2010.





















Black and white shot to promote an underware brand.






















MSpeedboat advertised with a seaplane.













Amphibious in a bay of Mykonos, with a special livery,for a Nestlé
















Advert for a fur coat. On the right, advert for Mobil,
and for Paul & Shark.






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