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Seaplanes for the film industry


Seaplanes at Como water aerodrome.

The Aero Club Como possesses the most extensive and varied fleet of seaplanes in Europe, all available for use in film productions.


As well as modern seaplanes, the club has a few historic aircraft from the 30's, 40's and 50's.
The seaplanes, departing from Como, can operate on all the waters of Europe and the Mediterranean. 


The Club posesses 12 seaplanes of the 8 different types represented below. Above, the modern ones; below, the vintage ones.

There are floatplanes, flying boats and amphibious seaplanes.

To find out more about the fleet, see the section "Fleet" on this website.




In flight over a region of wilderness of Montenegro
and at a jetty of Villa d'Este, in Cernobbio.

Each water basin that has the minimum dimensions necessary is a perfect set for seaplanes, be it on the sea, lakes or a river, in the heart of a city or in a remote part of nature.

Reading through the pages of this site, especially "Adventures in Seaplane" will give you an idea of the large variety of environments in which seaplanes can operate.


Equipment and infrastructure of every type
are available at Como Seaplane Base.

If the setting doesn't have to be anywhere in particular, the seaplane school of Como is available, for use of its hangar and adjoining infrastructure, amongst which are offices, workshops, storerooms, meeting rooms and an apartment, as well as various means of transport and vehicles, boats, dinghy and a pick up truck, even a helicopter if necessary.


Lake Como and the mountainous bordering areas offer a large variety of locations for shoots, whether you're looking for an urban or natural set, on rivers, lakes, mountainous lakes or even a dam.

 To know more see also "A location for events".


At the seaplane base, many articles, books, photos and documents are available, relating to seaplane flight at different historical periods that may help in the staging of a set.


Objects and documents from the archives of members of the Club are usable for the set.


The Cessna L-19, an ideal aircraft for a shoot.

The pilots of Como have lots of experience in taking seaplanes to any set.











Seaplanes can be protagonists of videosa and films.

Images of seaplanes.



For information, please contact the Secretary Office.

+ 39 031 574495




Films featuring Aero Club Como seaplanes


A seaplane in Bulgaria.

A special operation on a high altitude lake in Bulgaria, was carried out with the Maule M7 for a French production house.








A seaplane on Lake Bracciano.

A seaplane on Lake Bracciano.
The Cessna L-19 was used for the film, 'L'aviatore' set in Italy during the occupation of the forces of the Reich in 1944, it tells the true story of an Italian pilot who succeeded to flee in a seaplane, due to fears of persecution from the Nazis because of him and his daughter for being Jewish.






A seaplane on Lake Braies, in the Dolomites.

The Piper was used for the fictional story on RAI1 of 'un passo dal cielo' with Terene Hill, the setting was Lake Braies in the Dolmites, completely encircled by mountains. 







Filming on the ground at Samos airport.

Another production was made with the Cessna 206 on the island of Samos, in the Aegean Sea. The aircraft was used in an Indian action film; many of the scenes were filmed at sea or at the airport.








A seaplane on Lake Lugano.

Again the Cessna 206 was used for a production of a film ' Therese Geht Fremd' for the German TV channel 2DF, filmed in various locations on Lake Lugano.














The Set di "Vivere" The Set of "Vivere" at Como Seaplane Base.

At Como Seaplane Base, the cabin and cockpit of the Cessna 206 was used in many scenes for the soap opera "Vivere".













An image of the program and part of the filming.

Uncountable documentaries have had the seaplanes of Como feature in them.

 One example was by the French / German tv channel of "Arte".  












Title and scenes of the program, and on board of the L-19.

The main Japanese channel filmed
a documentary using the Como seaplanes.

The program was seen by tens of millions of people.












The Italian state television RAI 5 filmed with the seaplanes and pilots of Como for the series "IDRO, Il viaggiatore". It was for 10 shows of 30 minutes.









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