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Cessna 305  “Birddog”


The aircraft is usable by all Club's members.


The Cessna 305 (C 305C) is a military aircraft that belonged originally to the armed forces of the USA; it was then part of the light aviation unit for the Italian army. It is better known for its military name L-19 and for the nickname "Birddog".

The aircraft is now considered as an antique and offers the chance to fly in a typical cabin of the 40's, unusually spacious with exceptional visibility as it was designed as an aircraft for observation.
It provides high performance from its O-470 engine that gives out 213 HP at 2600 RPM.

The aircraft was certified sinbce the beginning as a landplane, floatplane and skiplane.

The floats are the EDO 248-2440.


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Cessna 305C

Type C-305
Engine Continental O-470-11
HP 213 hp at 2600 rpm
Propeller Mc Cauley 1-A-200-FM; 2 blades fixed pitch
Diameter of the propeller
88,2 - 90,1 in / 224 – 228,9 cm
Length 24’ 45’’ / 7,546  m
Wing span
36’ 0’’ / 10,973 m 
Wing surface
241,1 sq ft / 22,4
Floats EDO 248-2440
Maximum takeoff weight
2400 lbs / 1088,6 Kg
Empty weight
1765,44 lbs / 800 Kg
Useful load
635,56 lbs / 288 Kg
Fuel 40 US Gal. / 151,4 l / 241 lbs
Fuel consumption 42 l/h / 11 gal/h / 67 lbs/h (2000 ft / 2100 rpm)
Endurance 3 h 35 min c.a.
Cruise speed
78 Kts
Never exceed speed (VNE) 137 Kts
Seats 2

Information not to be used for piloting or navigation.



The L-19  flying over Torno, Lake Como.


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