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How long does it take to complete the SEP SEA rating?
The minimum training is 7 hours plus 1 hour for the skill test. Weather permitting this can be completed in 4 days. If possible an extra day or two should be programmed for weather and sightseeing! It is also possible to complete the training in two or more visits.  Several commercial pilots on a stopover at one of the Milan airports have flown just 1 or 2 flights each time taking several months to complete both SEPSEA and advanced course.

When should I book the Skill test?
The skill test is carried out by one of the two club examiners (CRE's) and will be programmed for you automatically

Can I stay longer and make the advanced course at the same time?
Yes of course this is possible, but please remember you will need your new SEPSEA rating entered in your license before you will be allowed to fly solo. See below "my rating is valid can I fly solo" for minimum solo requirements.

I do not have a JAR license can I fly with Aero Club Como?
Whatever your license ICAO, national or issued by another authority you can fly with an instructor, but you will need to obtain a validation to fly solo in Italy. If you anticipate flying solo on your first visit the validation must be applied for at least a month before your intended visit. Contact the Aero Club Como office for more information Tel. +39 031 574495 or email: info@aeroclubcomo.com )
Aero Club Como offer courses to convert your non JAR license into JAR


Is the training and Skill test valid for my non JAR license?
You should check with your authority if there are any extra requirements.

My license or SEP or SEP SEA  is no longer valid?
Provided your license is not more than 5 years out of date you can renew your SEP and/or SEPSEA rating with Aero Club Como and then apply  to renew your license. In this case some training will be necessary  before taking the skill test.
If you have never flown a seaplane and need a revalidation or renewal of your SEP why not do it here in Como. You will make the flight on one of our amphibian aircraft the beginning and end of the flight will be on water. So whilst re-qualifying your SEP you can experience firsthand the delights of water flying-at no extra cost!

How long is the SEPSEA rating valid for?
The SEPSEA is valid for 24 months the same as the SEP rating. If during the last 12 months you have flown a minimum of 12 hours (6 hours PIC)and 12 take off and landings then a single flight with an instructor is all that is required to revalidate your rating. If you do not meet these requirements then you will have to make a proficiency check with an examiner. If your rating has expired you will need to do a minimum of 1 hours training with an instructor, and a skill test with a CRE.

My rating is valid can I fly solo?
Safety and security is our first concern depending  on your flying experience and currency the following minimum requirements must be met before being authorised to fly solo. Each pilot's hours and experience will be assessed individually. You will be advised as to what training and/or check is required. Once you start flying the requirement maybe modified.
►  Experienced SEP SEA pilots in current flying practice if you have a JAR license then the minimum requirement is 2 check flights with different instructors. If you hold an FAA SEPSEA the minimum  is a flight with an instructor and a check flight with an examiner.
NB Non JAR license holders can apply for the validation before completing the training and check rides. The validation must be requested at least a month before the visit if the pilot plans to fly solo immediately after the check ride
►  Aero Club Como SEP SEA rating and advanced course completed if you are an experienced pilot and in current flying practice you may be authorised to fly solo without further training. If you have a new SEP PPL then expect to make several hours more training.
►  After being cleared to fly solo you must fly once a month to maintain the solo authorisation. If you pass the 30 days without having flown (a seaplane) for a few weeks, but you are in regular flying practice you will need a minimum of a circuit with an instructor . Longer periods without flying and pilots with low hours can expect more training.

Where can I fly to during the training?
You will fly over and on most of Lake Como and several other lakes during your training.  At least once during the course a lunch stop up the lake with a beaching will be programmed. Depending on the time you have and the hours you want to fly longer flighst to other lakes and airports (with an amphibian)  are possible these include lakes Maggiore, Garda, Aosta and Lido di Venezia airports.

Where can I fly solo?

You will be cleared to fly in the local area. Initially you will only be authorised to take off and land on the designated water runway in front of the club. With experience you will be cleared to do all the activities you practiced with an instructor.

Can I bring a passenger with me during the training flights?
Yes this is possible especially on the lunch stop up the lake.

Which season is best to make the rating?
Any time of the year is good for seaplane flying in Como. A clear day in winter can give spectacular visibility. The time of year you visit may well be dictated by the other attractions you want visit whilst you are here.

Where can I stay?
Aero Club Como has its own accommodation at the back of the hanger. The simple apartment is offered free to pilots visiting Como for their SEPSEA rating. If the "Foresteria" is already booked we can advise on nearby inexpensive accommodation. ACC is located just a few minutes' walk from the historical centre of Como.

Why fly with Aero Club Como?
All in Aero Club Como have a passion for flying seaplanes  this will be apparent the moment you arrive here.  From the warm welcome you will receive from the team in the office to the professionalism of the instruction you will receive. If you have ever toured around the Alps at road level just imagine the awesome view from a few thousand feet.

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