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Associazione sportiva dilettantistica
federata all'Aero Club d'Italia e al CONI
Via Masia 44
20100 Como ITALY
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The staff of the Aero Club Como. 


Consultancy service


Seaplane flying is done with such precision, that errors are easily made due to lack of experience, or by those people over confident as a result of experience in other fields of aviation.

The Aero Club Como, the oldest organisation for managing activities with seaplanes all over the world, offers its expertise and services to individuals, businesses and aviation authorities for all aspects of seaplane flying. The personnel of the club, consisting of pilots, technicians, regulation experts, seaplane purchasing experts, systems and management experts and those competent in seaplane school and water surface management. We are able to provide advice and guidance for people all over the world.



Purchasing a seaplane


A sinistra, ispezione di un idrovolante da acquisire nell'Idaho.
A destra, idrovolante smontato nel container, pronto da spedire.

The staff of the Aero Club Como can offer a complete assistance when purchasing aircraft, from commercial valuations, to technical inspections, research into past ownerships of aircraft or even ferrying them from one continent to another.

Assistance can also be offered in dismantling / transporting / reassembling aircraft, and even to sort out issues with customs paperwork, on arrival of the aircraft at the destination.



Opening of a water surface suitable for seaplane operations


Documents for the opening of a water aerodrome.

From the surveying of the area for operational point of view, to bureaucratic processes, as well as the studies and assistance for the construction of infrastructure on land, all this can be performed by the staff of the aero club.
The most challenging work is most often related to bureaucracly.








Starting up activities with seaplanes


Activity with seaplanes in Como.

Assistance at the launch of a flight school with seaplanes, or a commercial activity involving seaplanes can be provided, for all aspect concerning the operations, the infrastructures, training of the pilots, the relations with the aviation authorities and the preparation of a business plan and budget. 







Assistance for private pilots


A private seaplane pilot.

Help is on hand for PPL pilots, for any requirements in any context: advanced training, choice, evaluation and testing of a seaplane to be purchased, organization of an expedition, ...














Organisation of seaplane events


Some events featuring seaplanes.

Assistance of any nature is available for shows and events involving seaplanes.

















Organisation of an expedition


An expedition from Nova Scotia to Como via Greenland
with a seaplane of the club.

After having compleated many expeditions ourselves with members and staff of the club, we are able to assist in the organisation and planning of expeditions.













Organisation of special operations 


Transport of a seaplane with a helicopter.
On the right, hydrologic research carried out thanks to seaplanes.


The Aero Club Como makes itself and its fleet available for scientific research, biological studies, transporting of fish fry, transporting aircraft in whatever way (including by helicopter), sending special postal items, scattering of ashes of loved ones, rescue operations including the use of rescue dogs and other special operations.










Consultancy on the regulations for governmental agencies















The delegation of the French DGAC who came to Como in 2010 

to study the Italian regulations and the operations of Aero Club Como, 

in order to issue omologous regulations in France.

Right, Mr. Patrick Gandil, general Director of the DGAC in the 

schoolroom of Aero Club Como, attending a conference. 

Unlike most European countries, Aero Club Como never stopped the operations since 1930, so that the Italian regulations for the use of seaplanes remained in force (in most European countries they went lost after WW2).

For this reason the Aero Club Como has ben requeted by the aviation authorities of many countries to provide a consultancy on the regulations related to water flying and the operational standards suitable to grant safety in the use of seaplanes.

The experts of AeroClub Como suopplied a consultancy service to the authorities of France, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey and other countries. The chief instructor of Aero Club Como is a member of an EASA commission for the issues related to the licenses and in general water flying and the use of seaplanes.



Operations for the film and advertising industry

See page "Seaplanes for the film industry"
See page "Seaplanes for the advertising industry"



Studies of feasibility


Cover of a study of feasibility.

Every initiative that considers the use of a seaplane is preceded by a study of feasibility, in which all the factors that could have an influence on the operations are analysed.











Responsibles for the consultancy service: Cesare Baj

For more information and to make an appointment with an advisor, contact the secretary.

+ 39 031 574495









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